About Us

Petro Tajhiz Kadoosan Trading & Engineering Co. (Ltd.), under Reg. No. 364052, started its commercial activities aiming at supplying the required equipments for mechanical installations of projects and could establish a very effective and constant relationship with many state and private institutes in this regard and could play an important role in executive processes of many industrial projects and mainly the oil, gas, petrochemical and power plants projects. With a very experienced and skilled staff and expanded relations with well-known local and international manufacturers and also close relationship with the most reputable companies from European and Asian countries and relying on years of experience in projects of lots of companies, we are capable to supply and equip the project orders in the shortest time possible and with the most reasonable prices and high quality in conformity to the standards requested by the project consulting engineers.

As we know, the equipment in industrial and executive projects is the main and major section in establishment and operation of that project. Therefore, it motivated us to establish Petro Tajhiz Kadoosan Trading & Engineering Co., with our motto of Kadoosan by gathering an experienced and skilled group to improve Iran.

Comprehensive absorption of the customers with constant performance of services and products improvement plan is the new strategy of Petro Tajhiz Kadosan marketing as an active company in today competitive market.