Kadoosan Petro Equipment Co. (PTK) has the address of Bazargani Company and engineers with the protection of two engineers with experience in insuring mechanical equipment in industrial and industrial industries in the year 1388. Tighten. With the guidance of a person who is using this tool, he will make sure that there is a lot of tension inside him and there is boredom and anxiety. He asked me if he had any experience with this production, we are not able to secure and provide his opinions regarding the requirements for this production, with the guidance of a stand. This is the place where the consultation engineers mediated the proposal.

area of ​​expertise

This company has supplied various piping equipment and instruments for the oil, gas, petrochemical, power plant, steel industry, mining, food and pharmaceutical industries. Also, this company has been able to provide consulting services in the mentioned industrial fields with the cooperation of experienced engineers. Our salient features are: original equipment and materials, supply of top global brands, fast delivery and after-sales service.


We are constantly progressing and improving our capabilities to reach a leading position in supplying industrial equipment and providing services to customers at an international level. Maintaining long-term relationships with customers and their satisfaction is our ultimate motto, and Kadusan Petro Tehzih Company is constantly striving to achieve these goals.

Most prominent projects

  • Supplying materials for the construction of Tehran's nature bridge in 1389
  • Supplying pipes and fittings for the NGL3100 project - the client is Oil Industries Engineering and Construction Company (OIEC)
  • Supplying pipes and fittings for the DHT project of Isfahan Refinery - employer Nargan company

Gas and liquefied gas complex 3100

The NGL 3100 gas and liquefied gas complex is located in Ilam province, Cheshme Khosh region, 45 km from Dehlaran, and the purpose of its implementation is to collect and prevent the burning of oil gases from Cheshme Khosh, Paydar Asmari Gharb, Dehlran, Azar and Paydar Bangistan fields. In addition to significant profitability, it will bring many positive environmental effects for the region.
On the other hand, since the contract of this project was concluded as EPCC, it can be considered as the beginning of a new era in the evolution process of the engineering and construction company of the oil industries; Because in addition to design, procurement and implementation of the project, financing is also the responsibility of this company.


Cooperation with Naftanir Industrial Projects Company in the construction of Iran's sixth nationwide gas line (IGAT 6)

Cooperation with Khatam Al-Anbiya (PBUH) Construction Center - Shahid Rajaee Special Institute:

  • Phases 15 and 16 of Asalouye
  • Phases 20-21 of Asaluyeh
  • Phases 22-24 of Asaluyeh
  • Phases 6-8 of Asalouye (South Pars gas complex)


  • Maron Petrochemical - Bushehr
  • Petrochemical - Bo Ali
  • Petrochemical - Mobin
  • Petrochemical - Khorasan
  • Petrochemical - Isfahan
  • Petrochemical - Razi
  • Petrochemical and Subh Jamshid Petrochemical.


  • Kermanshah Oil Refinery
  • Sarkhun Qeshm Gas Refinery
  • Isfahan Oil Refinery
  • Persian Gulf Star Oil Refinery.
  • Parsian Sepehr Refining

Power plants:

  • Persian Gulf Power Plant
  • Hormozgan Power Plant
  • Shariati Power Plant - Khayam
  • Power Plant - Shirvan Power
  • Plant - Shazand Arak Power
  • Plant - Lushan Power Plant
  • Baath Asalouye Power Plant
  • Kangan Gas Power Plant - BOO
  • Asalouye Power Plant and Qain Power Plant.


  • Mubarakeh Sepahan Steel
  • Zob Ahan Isfahan
  • Arfa Ardakan Steel - Hormozgan
  • Steel - Midane Steel
  • Toka Steel


  • Songun copper concentration plant
  • Daralu Copper Concentration Factory


  • Abik Cement
  • Bandar Khemer Cement
  • Chemical Industries Construction and Installation
  • Shahid Darvishi
  • Industries, Al Mahdi Aluminum
  • Foman Shimi
  • Tous Asphalt



This company supplies products related to the oil, gas, petrochemical, power plant, steel, mineral, food and pharmaceutical industries in pipes, fittings and valves.


Product ingredients

Kadoosan has always been at the forefront of the industry due to the company’s determination to supply its clients with the materials grades that best suit their requirements.

  • Carbon Steel
  • Steels
  • Stainless Steel
  • Tool steel


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Satisfying all customers with continuous implementation of service and product improvement plan is the new marketing strategy of Petro Tajhiz Kadoosan as an active company in today's competitive market.