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PetroTajhiz Kadoosan is a specialist supplier of Duplex, Super Duplex and exotic alloy products. We have one of the largest stockholdings in the market of high-specification and high-performing pipes, fittings and flanges.

PetroTajhiz Kadoosan is offered as a specialized product for duplexes, super duplexes and special equipment. What is the matter with the presence of its people in the bazaar of its people, communications and flings with figures and making a response in the world. This is a range of products that include the seamless screw, forge contacts and the seamless screw that is removed.

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We mentioned that he had chosen a land in the countryside of Iran and Oman, and there were no tons of crops that were available quickly and quickly.

Sizes1/8" - 64"
Pressure5S to XXS (Odd Thickness will be available on request)
MATERIALS: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Duplex & Super Duplex, Alloy Steel
A106/A53Gr. B
API 5LGr. B - X42-X65
A333GR. 3 & GR.6
A312/A358TP 304/TP 304L,TP 316/TP 316L
A790UNS 31803/UNS 32205, UNS 32750/UNS 32760
A928UNS 31803/UNS 32205, UNS 32750/ UNS 32760

Seamless Pipe

A seamless pipe, as the name suggests, is a pipe without a seam or a weld joint. Seamless pipes are thought to be able to withstand higher pressure, higher temperatures, higher mechanical stress and a corrosive atmosphere.


Seamless pipes are manufactured using a variety of different methods. The method used is dependent on what diameter, or what ratio of the diameter to the thickness of the wall, is required by the application it is being put into.
Generally speaking, seamless pipe is made by raw steel first being cast into a more workable format – a hot solid billet. This is then ‘stretched’ and then pushed or pulled over a moulding form. This results in the creation of a hollow pipe. This hollow pipe is then ‘extruded’ and forced through a die and mandrel in order to achieve the desired diameters of the inside and outside walls.
To guarantee that seamless pipe meets certain standards, it has to be heat-treated in specific ways to ensure that the metallurgic properties are in accordance with the necessary requirements. Where necessary, PetroTajhiz Kadoosan only supply duplex and super duplex seamless pipe from NORSOK M650 approved manufacturers. This ensures extremely high quality and durability for our clients.


Seamless pipes are very versatile and can therefore be found in a wide range of sectors. This includes the oil and gas, refinery, petrochemical, chemical, fertilization, power and automotive industries. Seamless steel pipe is regularly used in the transportation of fluids such as water, natural gas, waste and air. It is also regularly required in many high-pressure, high-corrosive environments, as well as for bearing, mechanical and structural circumstances.


  • Strength: Seamless pipes have no seam. This means that the chance for a ‘weak’ seam is eliminated and therefore seamless pipe can typically withstand 20% more working pressure than welded ones of the same material grade and size. The strength is possibly the most significant benefit of using seamless pipe.
  • Resistance: The ability to withstand higher resistance is another benefit of having no seam. This is because no seam means there is very little chance for impurities and defects to occur as they more naturally occur along a weld line.
  • Less Testing: Having no weld means that seamless pipes don’t need to go through as much rigorous integrity testing as their welded counterparts.
  • Less Treatment: Some seamless pipes don’t require heat treatment after manufacture as they harden during the process itself.

As a leading supplier of seamless stainless tubular products, we offer the following range of different material grades from our stock supplies across the world:

  • Seamless Stainless Steel Pipe – UNS S31600 / S31603 / 316/L
  • Seamless Duplex Steel Pipe – UNS S31803 / S32205 /1.4462
  • Seamless Super Duplex Steel Pipe – UNS S32760 / S32750 / SAF2507 / 1.4501 / 1.4410
  • Seamless Nickel Alloy Pipe – UNS N06625 / N08825
  • Seamless 6% Moly Pipe – UNS S31254 / 1.4574 / N08926


The production of the seamless steel pipes PetroTajhiz Kadoosan source is tightly regulated and all of the pipes we stock have been fully tested to international standards to ensure we only supply the highest quality products.
Everything we supply is manufactured in accordance with the American Society for Testing & Materials (ASTM) Standards and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME):

  • ASTM A790
  • ASTM A312
  • ASTM A409
  • ASTM A269
  • ASTM B423
  • ASTM B444
  • ASME SA790
  • ASME SA312
  • ASME SA409
  • ASME SA269
  • ASME SB23
  • ASME SB444

The dimensional standard of the seamless pipes we supply are in accordance with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI):

  • ANSI B36.19
  • ANSI B36.10

In regard to the sizes of seamless pipe that we supply. We stock the following size range: ½“ to 8” nominal ball (NB)
In regard to wall thickness of seamless pipe that we supply. We also hold stock for the full wall thickness range, from SCH10s up to SCHXXS

Sourcing specialists

In addition to all the products that we have in stock in our global network of warehouses, we can also source more unusual seamless pipes for our clients as well. We work closely with expert mills and manufactures across the globe to be able to source and supply any material grade and wall thickness of seamless pipe that our clients require.
The trusted mills that we work with are highly efficient and specialists in their respective fields, ensuring that your products are exactly how you need them.

For more information about our range of seamless pipes, contact your nearest PetroTajhiz Kadoosan sales office.